What Are Growing Pains?

  • A missed deadline, which hasn’t happened in years…
  • A backlog of voice messages and emails that you can never seem to get ahead of…
  • A miscommunication among longtime team members that resulted in duplicated efforts and plenty of tension…
  • Going from a team of 4 to a team of 5 adds many more communication channels and layers of coordination, even though it’s still a small team.
  • Serving more customers at any given time means keeping track of more services delivered, deadlines, invoice dates, etc., not to mention more complex workload tracking.
  • Adding a new service or product line means making sure all customers receive the same quality of service and customer experience, even if they are receiving different services and working with different people.



I’m a woman on a mission to transform workplaces from the inside out, starting with using games and play to create thriving cultures.

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